Six Months

Monday, October 17, 2011 by Amy

Come on. I've gotten to wake up to this dude every day for the last half a year. I am feeling pretty lucky.

In the last six months of Perry, we've discovered:

- His sneaky, demanding sense of humor. If it's not actually funny, he won't laugh. And if you reuse old material too much, forget about it. He can and will heckle you until you cry.

- He is a cuddle bug, through and through. The best feeling in the entire world is slow dancing with his head on your shoulder and his little hand rubbing your back.

- That his favorite way to communicate displeasure is a fake cough that morphs into an indignant, pissed-off yell at the end.

- That he would rather lay in his crib and talk for an hour than actually fall asleep and take a nap. I have hard video monitor evidence.

- That we miss him when he's asleep at night.

- That if you turn on music, he will freeze and get a look on his face much like this.

- That he likes mom's music more than dad's (he drew a line in the sand by choosing his U2 lullaby cd as his favorite).

- That he's easily the best thing ever to happen to us.

We love you kid.

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Ali said...

GORGEOUS child. Oh my goodness. I love what a personality he has and how much you've learned about him already. I can't believe he's sixth months. Crazy.

Adrienne said...

I wish we lived closer. I wish I could see him every week. I am so glad I get to see him in just a few weeks. He is beautiful.

The Broadobalds said...

He's so dapper!

kathy w. said...

What? Six months already? Have you also discovered that Perry can speed up time?

Anonymous said...

He's adorable!