The Never-Ending Story

Thursday, April 16, 2009 by Amy


Two best friends start a stationery company, despite knowing little about such things as "invoices" or "money." Although the odds are long, these underdogs openly defy them and take the industry by storm with their impeccable style and strangely catchy vocal mannerisms. After being declared paper goods moguls, they retire to a luxe life of endless supplies of Bugles, long lunches and "America's Next Top Model."

No, this isn't the script for the next Hanna Montana movie. This is real life, people. Or at least we hope it will be.

As many of you know, we (Kristin and Amy) have been working for the last several months on a stationery line called Junky Heirloom. We got accepted to the National Stationery Show in New York in May and are busting our faces to be ready. We are going to be getting the initial run of our line back from the printers soon and we wanted to share it with you. We also wanted to document the whole story of our experience starting our own company and going out on a limb for our dreams. So we decided to start a new blog.

You can go to it here:

We are going to be posting on this blog every day before the Stationery Show to tell you what we're doing and show you all of the different aspects of our preparation. We hope you'll tune in with us and follow along. It should be interesting at the very least. We are also going to try to use the blog to help generate awareness of our company before the show, so if you want to tell your friends about it, we would love the support. If you have any suggestions, we welcome those as well.

Here goes nothing!

Kristin and Amy

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I love this guy.

Monday, April 13, 2009 by Amy

Lots of fun pictures from our various Easter-weekend festivities are soon to come. But I wanted to take a second to throw this one up of Jon and Norah (the adorable baby of our friends Sarah Jane and Nathan) because it's a perfect example of why I love Jon so much. He just has a cute face.

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