Mind. BLOWN.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 by Amy

When Perry was born, I wanted to start doing something that would help document how much he would grow over the first year. So every week I have taken these pictures. And it's kind of insane.

This was the first week.

And this is last week.

Aside from the obvious changing light issues (doh), my child has also doubled in size. Holy crap.

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Perry's Friends

by Amy

There is much love when it comes to the following friends, from both Perry and me.

Perry's makeout sessions with Sophie the Giraffe have been CRAY-ZAY. But seriously.

I had a little stuffed raccoon as a kid that I loved, so I admit some pushing of this one. But it didn't take much. Perry loves falling asleep in his carseat with his little lovey tucked under his chin. He also loves napping with it but he keeps pulling it all the way over his face so we're not quite there yet.

Garishly bright? Check. Lots of plastic? Check. Fits comfortably in your mouth from any number of configurations? Check.

I love watching Perry discover how to play with his play gym. I could just watch him for hours. He realizes that he can create noise and movement and his face lights up. It's the best.

I put a bunch of these b&w illustrations all around his changing table and this is Perry's dude. He smiles at this owl bigger than he smiles at me (but still not nearly as big as he smiles at Jon). Not sure what to think about the fact that he chose the creepiest one of the whole bunch to be obsessed with. That owl looks pretty strung out to me.

I think this puppet is a rabbit? Perry doesn't see species.

Perry starts to giggle every time I say the words "Freight Train!" He has loved this book from day one. I've even done tests with holding up other books and this is clearly his favorite. This book is awesome but I'm a little worried this could lead to an interest in Thomas the Train.

I hate Thomas.

This is a new addition to the fold but it's already one of Perry's favorites. Magda is slowly going insane thinking that we have somehow found a replacement for her. Poor Magda.

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Feet First

Tuesday, August 23, 2011 by Amy

This kid is thoroughly obsessed with his feet. Can't get enough. He is shoving them in his mouth any chance he gets.

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Nap Time

by Amy

Perry has had a really hard time getting the whole idea of naps down. I did the same thing as a baby. I think he just doesn't want to miss anything. One of my favorite times of the day, though, is when we play together on the floor as he's starting to wind down. It's pretty special to me-- I feel like it's one of the times that I see him at his very clearest.

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All At Once

by Amy

For the longest time, Perry refused to participate in "tummy time." He wouldn't fuss-- he'd just lay there and look at you like "really? we're doing this? and you call it 'tummy time'?"

Until this day, when he just popped up and rolled over and the works. He just wanted to buck the expectations. Not sure which parent he picked that up from. Except that I'm pretty sure it was from Jon.

He still looks disgusted with the whole thing sometimes, though.

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