Today's Love/Hate

Monday, October 27, 2008 by Amy

Something I love:

Jon's mad pumpkin carving skills.

So, I was in Phoenix for work all last week. But it was all worth it when I came home and saw this. Jon had cleaned the whole house AND carved me this masterpiece. (One disclaimer: the only thing he had to carve it with was a butter knife. And love.)

Something I hate:

George Lucas

My seven-year old self would hate me for saying it, but it's true. George Lucas has now managed to destroy everything that I cared about in my childhood. I finally saw the new Indiana Jones movie this last weekend. It was almost painful. What, George? It wasn't enough to emasculate Darth Vader, now you have to make Indiana Jones a trite package of visual catchphrases relying heavily on face-melting aliens? Not cool. Somewhere back in 1989, a tear is rolling down my chubby little geek kid face as I play with my exact-to-scale Millenium Falcon.

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Quick follow-up to last post

Wednesday, October 1, 2008 by Amy

So, my last post had a link in it to join Speek that may not have worked for people using Internet Explorer 7. I'm really sorry to anyone who tried to use the link and had it not work. Mostly because you really should get a Mac and forget about Internet Explorer anything. But also for your wasted time.

It's fixed now.

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